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How secure is the glass in your jewellery store window?

26 Jul

‘How secure is the glass in your jewellery store window?’ Is the question ESG will be asking visitors to the International Jewellery Show at London’s Earls Court 2, 1-4 September.

Security is a major concern for jewellery retailers, and these stores are traditional targets for smash and grab raids, with high value items on show to potential thieves in their shop windows.

However, the glass they are using may not stand up to intruders, especially those armed with tools such as hammers or axes. Insurance companies are also now starting to introduce minimum standards for the security glass used by jewellery stores.

Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, said: “Getting the balance between glass which gives customers a clear view of your products, and maintaining a high level of security, can be a tough challenge for jewellery retailers.

“Our ESG Secure range is available as thin as 10mm, and offers the highest visual quality and light transmission for the customer. By using the latest technology, our range is thinner and lighter and can often be incorporated into existing frames.

“We can integrate many decorative effects such as screen-printing, sandblasted designs, tints, and our glass can also be produced in shapes or curves. Where required fire resistant options, which are certified to E30 or E60, are also available.

“All our security glass is fully tested to various standards including EN356 and LPS 1270, and is third party certified and approved, ensuring its quality, performance and durability.”

ESG offer a wide range of security glass from entry-level products that will resist an opportunist manual attack, to intruder and bullet resistant glass, in sizes up to
2.5m x 4.5m depending on the product specified. ESG Switchable can also be incorporated into the glass, which turns opaque to hide the window display at the touch of a button or if the window is attacked.

To find out if the security glass in your store will stop an intruder, visit ESG on Stand F152 at the International Jewellery Show.



ESG welcomes ESG Floorlux Slip-Resistant Glass Flooring

13 Feb

Imagine slip resistant glass flooring and pictures of heavy duty rough surfaces immediately spring to mind. However ESG are turning this notion on its head with their elegant and smooth slip-resistant glass flooring, ESG Floorlux.

Designed with safety and aesthetic appeal in equal measure, ESG Floorlux comprises three glass sheets laminated together to create a glass floor panel. Depending on the assessed risk, ESG Floorlux is available in two finishes; ESG Floorlux Clear and ESG Floorlux Satin. Both have a unique pattern design on the surface that significantly reduces slip potential.

The patterned glass is made with a rolled glass process. The semi-molten glass is squeezed between two metal rollers. The bottom roller is engraved with the negative of the potter. Thickness is controlled by the two high precision metal rollers.

ESG Floorlux Clear is recommended for low to medium risk environments whilst ESG Floorlux Satin features satin strips across its surface to reduce the potential for slips even further.

Both products are made from 10mm thick toughened safety glass and are rated to Class 1 in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002, ensuring the glass pieces remain adhered to the films upon the unlikely event of breakage. Meeting the UK Slip Resistant Group’s recommended testing guidelines, specifiers can also be safe in the knowledge that the floor offers the necessary protection to limit the likelihood of slipping.

Please contact us on 01376 520061 for further information.

Highly sought after – highly secure?

4 Jan

A 'smash and grab'

Despite the credit crunch, high end retailers appear to be thriving. In recent months, although Thorntons has struggled to sell enough chocolate, Carpetright has been floored and Habitat has thrown in the towel; higher end retailers have been achieving considerable success.

In complete contrast, Mulberry, famous for its coveted leather bags, has reported profits up 23% on the previous year; Burberry has reclaimed its brand from the counterfeiters and is experiencing a definite renaissance; and LVMH, which includes brands such as Tag Heuer and Zenith watches and De Beers diamond jewellers, is going from strength to strength.

However, the danger for these desirable goods is much as it has always been – not everyone can afford to acquire them legitimately, so there is always scope for the unscrupulous to sell them through less than ethical channels. Sadly, luxury goods will always be a target for theft.

In the past the only answer was iron bars and steel shutters. These days we have more sophisticated means of protecting high end goods such as designer accessories and jewellery – in the form of some highly technical glass. This may seem odd, especially as in past times the bars, shutters and grilles were put in place to protect the glass as well as the goods that sat behind it, but times have changed. Glass has learned some invaluable new tricks and acquired some priceless qualities.

For a start, glass is much tougher than it used to be. Using technical interlayers sandwiched between glass panels, ESG now produces glass that has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers – and they know a thing or two about crime against property. We’ve also created ESG LPS1270, a highly secure glass designed to stand up to, and tested by, career criminals. It’s all about knowing your enemy. We’ve even produced ESG Ballistic, so that even if the criminal is armed, the glass you install can still help to stop him.

This isn’t all glass can do either. If you can’t see the goods, it’s very difficult to know whether it’s worth going after them. ESG Polyvision™ is made using technology that can be combined with all the security measures in our portfolio to produce a glass that’s not only secure, but which can be changed from optically clear (so you can see the goods on offer) to opaque (so you can’t tell if a crime is worth the risk) just by flicking an electric switch. What the eye doesn’t see, the criminal might just pass by. You won’t stop crime overnight, but you can certainly introduce a few very interesting deterrents that may make the prospective criminal look elsewhere for his next target. We suggest you try window shopping at ESG.

Between the sheets – the art of lamination

30 Sep

Back painted glass

Capturing and immortalising a perfect image is a challenge for any artist, and to some extent, it’s also the mission that faces the architect – devise the ideal building concept, work out how it can be realised, and perhaps more importantly, select the materials that will ensure that it stays that way for centuries. A tall order, even if it isn’t a tall building.

Artists differ widely, working in a whole raft of materials; paint, metal, ceramics, stone, plastics, acrylic, pottery, wood, textiles and yes, glass. Architects often favour particular materials too, though it’s fair to say that most would include glass in their list of favourites.

These days we can actually use glass to assist in that most tricky of endeavours – realising a great design and preserving it for perpetuity. The selection of materials that can be used to create a building has never been wider, but glass is still one of the most important, especially now that it can offer so many more characteristics.

By laminating with technical interlayers, we can provide fire resistance, impact resistance, ballistic resistance, instant privacy and high security as well as its basic characteristics of being scuff resistant, dust resistant and waterproof – if need be, all in one panel. In terms of adding colour and other design elements, this is invaluable as the interlayer can be joined by any number of added extras to introduce colour and design.

Using the art of encapsulation, as it is known, we can place small or slender items of any medium between layers of glass, sealing them in, and preserving their beauty for ever and making unique, bespoke, designer laminated glass. This can include colour (and that itself encompasses everything from transparent, coloured Vanceva® interlayers to solid blocks of colour or a corporate logo); but it can mean much, much more. It could also include natural items such as skeleton leaves, graphic designs (full colour printed manifestation), films, metal fixings, LED lights, fabrics, paper or wood; any material with which an artist might like to work; and a few others besides. The only real limits are the imagination of the designer and the size of the object to be encapsulated.

Panels prepared by the laminating method can be used in a multiplicity of ways, especially when created using toughened glass, which is up to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. Designer laminate can make up screens, doors, furniture, tiles and splash backs, work tops, signage, table tops, corporate art, exhibition displays, lighting, partitioning, balustrades, stair treads and flooring.

We could say that this only scratches the surface of what can be achieved; but that’s the whole point, it won’t scratch or fade or spoil – it will stay as beautiful as the day we encapsulate it for you.

Now that has to appeal to any artistic soul – and all the practical ones too.

Check out our new intruder resistant glass video made onsite.

21 Sep

See just how tough our ESG Secure LPS1270 Glass is!

The team at ESG had so much fun making this video at ESG HQ last month. Watch how easy it is to penetrate anti bandit glass commonly used in shopfronts and then see how difficult it is to get through our ESG Secure LPS1270.


22 Jun

ESG has seen its privacy glass sales increase by more than 250% in the last month alone. The surge in sales follows ESG’s recent move to secure UK exclusivity to supply ESG Polyvision™, currently the largest sized privacy glass on the market.

Commenting on the move which has seen the launch of a dedicated ESG Polyvision™ website, Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, said:
“It is no surprise that ESG Polyvision™ is proving popular amongst architects and designers. Not only is it the largest sized privacy glass on the market, the quality of the finished product is outstanding.

“It is an exceptionally versatile medium and we are working on a number of exciting projects to combine the technology with the latest touch-screen technology.”

Not surprisingly, ESG are finding clients enjoy the greater degree of flexibility that incorporating ESG Polyvision™ into their designs brings. Acting as a useful security measure for those wishing to divert attention away during closing hours, yet wishing to maintain an inviting environment during the day, the glass is proving popular with corporate offices, banks, building societies and jewellers.

Moreover, ESG are seeing requests for ESG Polyvision™ technology to be used in conjunction with their full range of security glass. In fact, its combination with LPS 1270 approved security glass offers clients the ultimate security solution.

All ESG Polyvision™ panels involve a PDLC film being encapsulated between 2 or more glass sheets. Using a minute electrical current, store managers can immediately switch the ESG Polyvision glass from clear to private (opaque) and vice versa. When the electrical supply is switched on, liquid crystal molecules align allowing incidental light to pass through, making the glass clear.

To find out more about how the ESG Polyvision™ can be used in a retail setting, visit www.esgpolyvision.co.uk

New Security Glazing Website for ESG

8 Jun

The new security website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new security glass website at http://www.esgsecurityglass.co.uk. The new Essex Safety Glass (ESG) website will guide you on all the latest security glazing products.

In recent years, the requirement for security in the built environment has increased to unprecedented levels. To meet this need, the research and development team at ESG UK have developed security glass systems that meet the increased threat of domestic terrorism and the sophistication, persistence and armoury of the serious ‘professional’ criminal in attacks against property.

It features:

ESG Ballistic Glass
ESG Secure Glass EN356
ESG Secure Glass LPS 1270
ESG Polyvision™ Secure

And our range of certified fire resistant security glass:

ESG Pyrotech™ Secure Glass EN356
ESG Pyrotech™ Secure Glass LPS 1270

In addition, visitors to the site will be able to explore how the transportation and installation of security glass can be made easier due to the availability of lighter and thinner products now manufactured in the UK.

ESG’s whole range of security glass has been developed for the security market by our team and is independently tested and certified by Europe’s leading accredited testing facilities. This commitment makes ESG the forerunner in the field of security glazing products. ESG is also the first company in the UK to achieve approval for their ESG Secure Laminated Security Glazing to the LPCB Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1270: Issue 1.

ESG is also the only company to offer certificated fire resistant security glass combined with sound attenuation, manifestation and decorative interlayers. Please find enclosed our latest Bullet Resistant and Security Glass Brochures for your perusal.

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