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Role of security glass in preventing access to property and reducing loss of high worth assets

7 Nov

Despite the credit crunch, high end retailers appear to be thriving. However, the danger for these desirable goods is much as it has always been – not everyone can afford to acquire them legitimately, so there is always scope for the unscrupulous to sell them through less than ethical channels. Sadly, luxury goods will always be a target for theft. This is exemplfied by this week’s robbery at Brent Cross Shopping Centre where criminals armed with axes and bats rode motorbikes into an indoor shopping centre in north London and raided the Fraser Hart Jewellery store.   The pillion passengers got off the bikes and smashed the windows, leaving with a haul  believed to be worth up to £2m.

In the past the only answer was iron bars and steel shutters. These days we have more sophisticated means of protecting high end goods such as designer accessories and jewellery – in the form of some highly technical glass. This may seem odd, especially as in past times the bars, shutters and grilles were put in place to protect the glass as well as the goods that sat behind it, but times have changed. Glass has learned some invaluable new tricks and acquired some priceless qualities.

For a start, glass is much tougher than it used to be. Using technical interlayers sandwiched between glass panels, ESG now produces glass that has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers – and they know a thing or two about crime against property. We’ve also created ESG LPS1270, a highly secure glass designed to stand up to, and tested by, career criminals. It’s all about knowing your enemy. We’ve even produced ESG Ballistic, so that even if the criminal is armed, the glass you install can still help to stop him.

This isn’t all glass can do either. If you can’t see the goods, it’s very difficult to know whether it’s worth going after them. ESG Polyvision™ is made using technology that can be combined with all the security measures in our portfolio to produce a glass that’s not only secure, but which can be changed from optically clear (so you can see the goods on offer) to opaque (so you can’t tell if a crime is worth the risk) just by flicking an electric switch. What the eye doesn’t see, the criminal might just pass by. You won’t stop crime overnight, but you can certainly introduce a few very interesting deterrents that may make the prospective criminal look elsewhere for his next target. We suggest you try window shopping at ESG.

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