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ESG’s switchable glass continues to exceed customer’s expectation

24 Aug

Here at ESG, the quality of our products is of paramount importance and that is why we are continually working to improve every aspect of the business and that includes R&D. We are currently testing how many cycles our electric glass runs to and latest figures show that ESG Polyvision Privacy Glass is exceeding 6,000,000 cycles (switches) – and we are still counting!  Now that is impressive even though we say so ourselves!

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Vision Panels

17 Aug

ESG Polyvision™ is an ideal medium to be used in doors for privacy control. Check it out below.

6 Aug

Essex Safety Glass

With 91 cameras filming round the clock, 24 Hours in A&E offers unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest A&E departments, at King’s College Hospital.

As an avid viewer in awe of the work the doctors and nurses undertake round the clock, I couldn’t help but notice the impact one patient’s plight has on another’s. The reality of the ‘privacy’ in A&E departments really hit home when watching the two previous episodes – whilst we may choose to watch the programme on tender-hooks from the comfort of our sofas, we know the person is going to be ok. But, for those patients sharing the same confined space as someone being resuscitated, only to be separated by a piece of material, the experience is really quite disturbing and upsetting.

In a couple of shots, curtains between the patients were being drawn only part way through emergency procedures, and as a young…

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ESG at the Olympics!

6 Aug

Lovely to see ESG’s glass making an appearance at the Olympic Stadium. The stunning Royal box used ESG’s toughened laminated glass in its construction and was one of many medal-worthy projects ESG undertook as part of this amazing event.

Record sizing for ESG Polyvision™ LCD Privacy Glass

1 Aug

The development of ESG’s privacy glass product, ESG Polyvision™, has quite literally reached new heights. Already providing the largest sized privacy panels on the market, ESG have gone one step further; expanding the maximum size of ESG Polyvision™ from 1520mm x 3,200mm to 1,800mm x 3,500mm.

Commenting on the move, Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, said:
“Without a doubt, designers and specifiers are exploring the boundaries of glass with the latest intelligent glazing solutions, and in doing so require larger sized privacy panels. Ultimately, this will help create more dynamic workspaces.”

It is expected that the greater degree of flexibility afforded by the increased sizing will appeal to those specifying privacy glass for office refurbishments. And, for those looking for an elegant projection surface without having to compromise on size, ESG Polyvision™ is ideal given its ability to be used as a rear projection screen.

Equally, for those looking to create an open environment during the day whilst restricting the view of the building during closing hours, ESG Polyvision™ is already proving popular.

The fact the technology can be used in conjunction with a full range of security glass is an added bonus – especially for City businesses and landmark public sector buildings. ESG Polyvision’s™ combination with either ESG Secure EN356 or LPS1270, which are fully certified by the Loss Prevention Certificate Board, is expected to be particularly popular.

All ESG Polyvision™ panels involve a PDLC film being encapsulated between 2 or more glass sheets. Using a minute electrical current, store managers can immediately switch the ESG Polyvision glass from clear to private (opaque) and vice versa. When the electrical supply is switched on, liquid crystal molecules align allowing incidental light to pass through, making the glass clear.

To find out more about how the ESG Polyvision™ can be used in a commercial setting, visit

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