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22 Jun

ESG has seen its privacy glass sales increase by more than 250% in the last month alone. The surge in sales follows ESG’s recent move to secure UK exclusivity to supply ESG Polyvision™, currently the largest sized privacy glass on the market.

Commenting on the move which has seen the launch of a dedicated ESG Polyvision™ website, Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, said:
“It is no surprise that ESG Polyvision™ is proving popular amongst architects and designers. Not only is it the largest sized privacy glass on the market, the quality of the finished product is outstanding.

“It is an exceptionally versatile medium and we are working on a number of exciting projects to combine the technology with the latest touch-screen technology.”

Not surprisingly, ESG are finding clients enjoy the greater degree of flexibility that incorporating ESG Polyvision™ into their designs brings. Acting as a useful security measure for those wishing to divert attention away during closing hours, yet wishing to maintain an inviting environment during the day, the glass is proving popular with corporate offices, banks, building societies and jewellers.

Moreover, ESG are seeing requests for ESG Polyvision™ technology to be used in conjunction with their full range of security glass. In fact, its combination with LPS 1270 approved security glass offers clients the ultimate security solution.

All ESG Polyvision™ panels involve a PDLC film being encapsulated between 2 or more glass sheets. Using a minute electrical current, store managers can immediately switch the ESG Polyvision glass from clear to private (opaque) and vice versa. When the electrical supply is switched on, liquid crystal molecules align allowing incidental light to pass through, making the glass clear.

To find out more about how the ESG Polyvision™ can be used in a retail setting, visit


New Security Glazing Website for ESG

8 Jun

The new security website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new security glass website at The new Essex Safety Glass (ESG) website will guide you on all the latest security glazing products.

In recent years, the requirement for security in the built environment has increased to unprecedented levels. To meet this need, the research and development team at ESG UK have developed security glass systems that meet the increased threat of domestic terrorism and the sophistication, persistence and armoury of the serious ‘professional’ criminal in attacks against property.

It features:

ESG Ballistic Glass
ESG Secure Glass EN356
ESG Secure Glass LPS 1270
ESG Polyvision™ Secure

And our range of certified fire resistant security glass:

ESG Pyrotech™ Secure Glass EN356
ESG Pyrotech™ Secure Glass LPS 1270

In addition, visitors to the site will be able to explore how the transportation and installation of security glass can be made easier due to the availability of lighter and thinner products now manufactured in the UK.

ESG’s whole range of security glass has been developed for the security market by our team and is independently tested and certified by Europe’s leading accredited testing facilities. This commitment makes ESG the forerunner in the field of security glazing products. ESG is also the first company in the UK to achieve approval for their ESG Secure Laminated Security Glazing to the LPCB Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1270: Issue 1.

ESG is also the only company to offer certificated fire resistant security glass combined with sound attenuation, manifestation and decorative interlayers. Please find enclosed our latest Bullet Resistant and Security Glass Brochures for your perusal.

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