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Now you see me, now you don’t

16 Mar

We live in a celebrity culture – it’s sad but true. Too many of our younger generation aspire not to be engineers, train drivers, doctors or politicians, but, quite simply, to be famous. Far too many actively yearn for the glare of the flash bulb and the front cover sensational headline. It’s ironic then, that there has also never been such an outcry from these same celebrities about their lack of privacy.

Privacy, or the invasion of it, has also become something of a criminal matter lately, with journalists allegedly tapping phones, hacking emails and using paparazzi to track celebrities’ and politicians’ every moves. Even members of the Royal Family are not immune. With the victims of unwarranted intrusion into their privacy taking legal measures to gain compensation and to ensure that the same does not happen to them again, one thing is certain, despite the insatiable public desire for gossip, we value our privacy more than ever.

Up ‘til now, one of the defences of the media might have been to recite the old adage that ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ – but all that is changing. Technology is overtaking the status quo in that department.

Glass doesn’t always have to be transparent, and it doesn’t have to be vulnerable to the onslaught of either sticks and stones or telephoto lenses. What if your nice clear transparent glass could change at the flick of a switch? What if it could suddenly become opaque, protecting your privacy in an instant? Seems too good to be true – except that it’s now just as much reality as some of the dreadful TV that gives rise to the cult of celebrity. In fact it’s more real, more versatile and performs a far more practical and useful function.

Technology now allows us to create a privacy glass that contains a unique interlayer that changes radically when a minute electric current is passed through it. When ‘switched on’, this glass is optically clear, enabling the occupants of a room or a building to look out at their surroundings, and giving outsiders the ability to see in. At the flick of a switch, however, this glass can become opaque, giving complete privacy to those on the inside. While this could be great news for the famous, or more particularly the infamous (in the window of a hospital room, it could keep the press from discovering you’re about to undergo plastic surgery, for example); it also has serious implications for the commercial world. This privacy glass can now also be combined with high security glass or fire resistant safety glass to provide one technically complex but highly versatile glazing product, which has far reaching benefits never seen in the UK before.

It would be difficult to hold up a bank or post office if you suddenly can’t see if you’re pointing a weapon at a person or a rapidly evacuated office which has been locked down behind a ballistic resistant privacy screen. A pretty good deterrent, too, against break-ins, if the would-be intruder can’t see what he’s breaking into or likely to get away with.

You wouldn’t have thought until recent years that privacy and crime would be so closely linked as issues. Equally, until now, you would have been forgiven for doubting that glass could be one of the leading materials for providing personal privacy and a defence against crime. Well, times are changing, but not as much as our product range.

If you find it hard to believe, then you’ll find it interesting to visit our new website devoted entirely to the issue of privacy and privacy glass at; and if you’re already convinced that all this is not only possible but highly desirable, then you will definitely find it worth a good read.

Tell you what – we’ll even waive our right to privacy – tell all your friends.


Coffee for Sam

16 Mar

ESG held a coffee morning to raise funds for the Meningitis Trust last week.

Chloe and Lily get baking!

The event was organised by Chloe Poulton, who was chief cook and maitre d’.

Chloe lost her dear friend Sam Bearman at the young age of 24 in January to Meningitis and is raising funds to create awareness and support to those affected from this deadly disease.

This event is one of many being organised by Sam’s family and his friends so please keep an eye out for further information on future events.

Meningitis can strike within hours and its effects can last a lifetime. The Meningitis Trust offers a range of services. These services offer emotional, practical and financial support to help people rebuild their lives.

How to win more business in 2011

7 Mar

We want to help you win more business in 2011. In the first of a series of articles on marketing we asked our MD, Scott Sinden what are his top tips for more profitable business. Here are his top five credit-crunching marketing tips.

1. Be where everyone else is. Social media is one big online conversation and no matter what business you’re in, you need to be engaged on both a person and professional level. Three good places to be are LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter.
Why not reach out to others by maintaining a blog or a Twitter account with useful, educational content. Social-networking tools are also places to post promotions. Even if you’re not quite ready to contribute content, get online and see what everyone else is doing. Another great point is that they are free to use too. If social media is working for us, then why not you? Click here to follow us on twitter.

2. Value, Protect, and Keep Your Customer Base. It is essential in any line of business to keep customers satisfied so they’ll want to bring you repeat business. Statistics show that a major proportion of a company’s sales comes from old and repeat customers. This means, that the customers who actually provide most of the company revenue, must be rewarded and shown that they are a valuable asset to the business. However, customer rewards should not be done at random but part of a well thought out strategy.

3. Go where the growth is. Visit market space, untainted by competition where demand is created rather than fought over. There is ample opportunity for growth that is both profitable and rapid. Need ideas? Then attended trade shows for a few core client industries that are doing are well and think where they are going and how you can solve their pain. ESG takes the time to listen to the challenges prospective clients have and offer solutions to help them reach their goals.

4. Conduct a customer survey. How well are you doing? Don’t know? Well go straight to the heart of the matter and ask your customers. We all need customer feedback to assess the performance of our sales people, gain an edge on our competitors, reinforce strengths and compensate for weaknesses and determine if we are missing sales leads. Watch out for ESG’s first reward survey in April.

5. Create a little fun. One thing that makes us different to our competitors is that we value fun and creativity. We don’t want to become one of those businesses that becomes big and boring so look for creativity and humour in our daily work. One thing about encouraging fun and creativity is that it inspires innovation. When you combine innovation with a fun atmosphere you have a win-win. Happier staff working harder = more profit.

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