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ESG team show how tough they really are!

31 Jan

Two members of the team at ESG became super heroes when they completed the annual Tough Guy competition in the West Midlands at the weekend.

Tough Guy is the World’s safest, most dangerous taste of mental and physical pain, fear and endurance. Two of ESG’s finest – Graeme Brouder and Craig Mcgiffen – took part and finished the extreme course in a respectful 3 and a half hours. Four thousand took part but a quarter of the field failed to finish the cold, wet and frankly terrifying 8 mile course.

Tough guys doing Tough Guy

The freezing weather did not stop Graeme from clearing the log of doom

So what next for our intrepid fitness freaks? Suggestions on a postcard please!


New Privacy Glass Website Coming Soon

14 Jan

Sara, our new Marketing Manager, has spent a busy week working with Twist Interactive on the new ESG Polyvision site and the team at ESG can’t wait for its launch. Using a combination of orginal artwork by Architect Graduate Robert Simpson and striking imagery the new site will be a welcome addition to the overall marketing strategy for this key product line.

So stay tuned for the brand new website featuring some fantastic artwork and images, video, technical details, and much much more!

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