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We have joined the twitter revolution!

24 Dec

We are now on twitter so if you would like to keep up to date with the ESG news, offers and updates you can follow our tweets! Find us at –

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Christmas Greetings from

24 Dec

ESG would like to take this opportunity to wish all their customers and associates a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

Chloe, Duncan and Heather of the Customer Service Team at Essex Safety Glass

2011 sees a really exciting time in the development of ESG UK with the launch of specialist products in response to your needs. Watch out for the market leading Privacy Glass- ESG Polyvision™, and the new touch screen ESG Polytouch™, which puts advanced glass in touch with IT. Check out our range of technical products such as ESG Bullet Resistant Glass, ESG Secure LPS1270 Intruder Resistant Glass – the only product range currently on the market tested to LPS1270 standard and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board- and ESG Pyrotech™ Fire Resistant Glass. We are delighted to answer your queries on any of these products.

We would like to remind you of our Xmas and New Year opening hours as follows:

Last delivery 23rd December 2010.

We are open and will take orders up until noon on 24th December 2010 and then reopen on 4th January 2011.

Season’s Greetings and we look forward to working with you in 2011!

Privacy on demand with ESG Polyvision™

23 Dec

Board Room LCD Privacy Glass

ESG is launching ESG Polyvision™ to provide instant screening at the flick of a switch. The latest addition to an already extensive range of glass innovations, ESG Polyvision™ has reinforced ESG’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading processors of designer, fire resistant and toughened laminated safety glass.

 When working in an environment where discretion is pivotal, the usual policy is to shut the door and block out the world. However, this can often lead to an unattractive and confined space, which often creates a negative atmosphere. ESG’s privacy glass on the other hand, provides end users with a choice of either privacy or transparency, creating an innovative solution with aesthetically pleasing results. 

 All ESG products are available in a variety of bespoke sizes and shapes.  Normally a diffused white which acts as a screen, this LCD glass can be made transparent simply by passing an electric current through it.  With the power off, liquid crystal molecules in the Privacy film are randomly oriented so that incidental light is scattered, making the glass opaque; but when electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up and, as light passes through it, the Privacy film becomes clear.

ESG Polyvision™ is easily installed and can be used in a variety of applications, making it the perfect choice for architects and designers. With high durability and exceptional optical qualities, it is the perfect addition when creating conference rooms, nurseries, and medical consulting rooms. It can also be used in residential areas, security windows and beauty salons – just about anywhere you might need a little privacy.

 In its white state, ESG Polyvision™ is the perfect background on which to project presentations, without the need for a separate screen. This provides efficient use of space in the built environment, while creating an eco friendly setting by blocking damaging UV rays.

 Renowned for its quick lead times, ESG is able to supply ESG Polyvision fast, going that extra mile to help customers succeed in a competitive market place.

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23 Dec

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